Fall and Balance Prevention Programs for patients with balance disorders and vertigo
Fall and Balance Prevention Programs for patients with balance disorders
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Difra VNG Testimonial

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Secure Health's Better Balance™ technology offers a series of cutting edge diagnostic equipment, including VNG videonystagmography testing equipment, designed for an accurate diagnosis. We also provide proven treatment programs and an effective patient education program.

Sample VNG Software Report: Disoft II

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Treatment Solutions:

Proven Better Balance™ technology

Testing to identify neurogenic deficiency

Origin testing for vestibular disorder isolation

Position techniques to induce patient dizziness

Caloric tests

Tracking tests

Video captured and quantified Nystagmus testing (VNG)

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Difra VNG Testimonial

Balance disorders interfere with an individual’s daily activities, including their ability to work or travel, and may result in a higher risk of falling. Balance disorders can be caused by a number of underlying issues, including neurological, vestibular or proprioceptive.

Secure Health, Inc. offers a series of cutting edge diagnostic tests and equipment, inlcuding VNG videonystagmography testing equipment, designed for an accurate diagnosis. We also provide effective treatment programs and patient education.


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Difra VNG System

Exclusively from Secure Health, Inc.

Secure Health, Inc. has assembled the finest vestibular and balance products in the world. Our Better Balance™ technology is comprised of proven systems that identify, diagnose and treat vestibular and balance disorders. An essential component of our Better Balance™ technology is NysStar™ VNG diagnostic equipment manufactured by Difra Instrumentation.

Secure Health, Inc. is the exclusive US agent for Difra Instrumentation, a world's leading manufacturer of diagnostic balance disorder technology for more than 48 years.

State-of-the-Art VNG Diagnostics

Interpretive ReportSecure Health, Inc. offers the latest VNG (videonystagmography) technology to find the affected component of balance disorders. Many such disorders can be treated and corrected within weeks.

NysStarô VNG Systems objectively identify and assess VESTIBULAR problems including, Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), traumatic brain injury (TBI), central nervous system injuries and other peripheral vestibular dysfunctions.

Videonystagmography (VNG) testing can tell you whether balance disorders are central nervous system (CNS) or labyrinth-related

NysStar™ VNG evaluates eye movements as they follow a moving target, with the head positioned in different directions

NysStar™ VNG uses caloric tests to evaluate inner ear responses to warm and cold air. Changes in temperature stimulate inner ear and cause eye movements. VNG testing helps detect if one ear is more affected than the other, which can cause balance problems. Choose from air; water-cooled air or water caloric irrigators.

NysStar™ VNG uses active head rotation that tests the superior and posterior semi-circular canals

VNG testing is non-invasive and require less than an hour to complete the series of tests

NysStar™ VNG tests are reimbursable by major insurance carriers, Medicare and Medicaid

Fall Prevention Programs are Essential

Secure Health, Inc. offers a proven prevention program that helps identify and build the confidence of at-risk patients who wish to improve their ability to walk and move around. Secure Health's Better Balance Fall Prevention and Wellness™ program helps ease their fears of falling after participating in the VRT program and beyond. Ask your Secure Health representative for additional details of this vital program. Who are the candidates for dizziness disorders?

Prevent Falls for Your Patients' Well-Being

Preventing falls and preserving your patients’ independence with proper fall prevention programs, evaluations and treatment is imperative to your patients’ well being. Secure Health, Inc. has designed an effective treatment program to diagnose and treat symptoms of dizziness, stumbling, vertigo and disequilibrium--all in your office!

Are you compliant with Medicare's "Vestibular Function Tests"
L29407 effective 1-1-2010

Comprehensive Services from Better Balance™Better Balance Platform
Help your elderly or at-risk patients with our proven Better Balance™ Diagnostic Equipment and Technology. We will train your technicians to test your potential balance disorder patients in the familiar environment of your office so you can identify and effectively treat patients with balance disorders and improve their quality of life. Common conditions associated with balance disorders include: BBPV or Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (cupulolithiasis, canalithiasis) labrynthitis, vestibular neuronitis, Meniere's disease and more.

Secure Health, Inc. provides advanced technology that is supported by insurance and Medicare and is proven to help identify your patients who are at risk of falling, while creating new revenue streams for your practice. Contact us today to get started with our comprehensive diagnostic services and improve your patients’ lives.

For more information on balance diagnostic equipment and treatment protocol, including VNG, the gold standard test for vestibular pathology, please contact us by calling 260-436-1436.


Accidental Falls are a Major Concern

Every minute of every day, another person falls and fractures a bone or hip. Accidental falls are a major concern as our population ages. Not only are falls the number one cause of accidental death for people over age 65, the hard and Better Balance Candidatessoft costs of injuries due to falls exceeds $200 billion every year. The price tag of falls has the government, Medicare and insurance companies searching for ways to reduce their costs.

Advanced Technology is Available

Secure Health Inc. provides advanced technology that is supported by insurance and Medicare and is proven to help prevent your patients from falling, while creating new revenue streams for your practice.

Our mission is simple. "To offer fall and balance-related products and technology at an affordable price that allows more doctors the ability to offer non-invasive, non-surgical therapy to diagnose at risk patients and treat patients suffering from balance disorders and injuries due to falls."

Thank you for visiting our site for information about Better Balance Fall Prevention and Wellnesstechnology, products, services and much more.


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