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Secure Health's Better Balance™ technology offers a series of cutting edge diagnostic equipment, including VNG videonystagmography testing equipment, designed for an accurate diagnosis. We also provide proven treatment programs and an effective patient education program.

Treatment Solutions:
Proven Better Balance™ technology

Testing to identify neurogenic deficiency

Origin testing for vestibular disorder isolation

Position techniques to induce patient dizziness

Caloric tests
Tracking tests

Video captured and quantified Nystagmus testing (VNG) ase contact us for more information:

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Your source for premium VNG, vestibular assessment, diagnostic equipment

Secure Health Inc has assembled the finest VNG, vestibular and balance diagnostic equipment in the world. Secure Health Inc is the exclusive US agent for Difra Instrumentation, a global leading manufacturer of diagnostic balance disorder technology for more than 48 years.

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Our Better Balance™ technology is comprised of proven systems that identify and treat vestibular and balance disorders. An essential component of our Better Balance™ technology is NysStar™ VNG diagnostic equipment manufactured by Difra Instrumentation.



Balance disorders interfere with an individual’s daily activities, including their ability to work or travel, and may result in a higher risk of falling. Balance disorders can be caused by a number of underlying issues, including neurological, vestibular or proprioceptive.

Better Balance™ offers a series of cutting edge diagnostic tests and equipment, inlcuding VNG videonystagmography testing equipment, designed for an accurate diagnosis. We also provide effective treatment programs and patient education.

Contact us for information on how to diagnose at-risk patients and reduce the chances of accidental falls due to treatable balance disorders.

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